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27/03/2014: The Events & Membership Commitee, as well all the SIETAR Europa board, is happy to announce SIETAR EUROPA’s Webinar Events Calendar for 2014. Please click here to view it
02/03/2014: The March - May 2014 issue of the Sietar Europa Journal is now available. Click here to download it
06/02/2014: Announcement on the next SIETAR Europa Congress: Valencia, Spain, May 20-24, 2015. Click here to read the full announcement
30/12/2013: President’s New Year’s Message, Winds of Change. Click here to download it
22/12/2013: If you are searching for EU grants to finance a project or event, please click here
Some transcripts from the Film and Media Festival in Tallinn
For more info, click here
Some Presentations from the SE Congress 2013 in Tallinn
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Stories on intercultural diversity
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SIETAR Europa Congress
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