If you’re a member of SIETAR Europa and you can reach this website, you have access to our database.

What is the MMS?

The Member Management System (MMS) is a database tool that SIETAR Europa uses to manage its members’ information and to communicate with them. It also allows members to contact each other directly, as well as to search for other members with specific characteristics or areas of expertise.

When someone uses the SIETAR website to register as a new member or to renew a membership, his or her vital information (such as name and email address) is automatically and securely stored in the MMS.  Members can also add or update their information at any time. We use this information to send individual, group, or mass mailings to our members.

Members can also choose to provide more information, such as professional sector, areas of expertise, or a company website.

“Opting in”: sharing your information with the rest of the network

They can also “opt in” to showing their professional information (but never personal information such as email address or telephone number) to other members. (You just need to click “yes” for “Show my information on memberlistings”) If they do, then other members (and only other SIETAR Europa members) can access their listing in the member directory or see their information in search results.  Similar to popular networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, the MMS allows members to send messages through the system to any other member, without revealing individual email addresses.

To add or update your information, to see what information would be confidential to SIETAR and what would be open to other members, to register as a new member or renew your membership, click here.

Start now

If you are a direct member of SIETAR Europa, you can start using the MMS right now by signing in with the Member Login box at the right of this page. Then you can enter new information, update old information, or search for other members.

Members of national SIETARs need to visit their national SIETAR website to renew a membership or enter personal and professional information into the MMS.

All SIETAR Europa members – direct members as well as those of national SIETARs – can access the full MMS database at the SIETAR Europa website and search within the database of all SIETAR Europa members (who have actively chosen to opt into the system).

If you’re having problems signing in or have any questions, please contact us.

The MMS uses CiviCRM, freeware specifically designed to help non-profits and NGOs stay in contact with members and constituents.