James Connington
A training provider’s experiences in delivering on an EU Cultural Diversity Programme
Ute Clement / Jacques Chlopczyk
Power play in remote teams: Coaching international teams in change processes under time pressure and organizational power games
Peter Byebierggaard
The importance of tensions and emotions in global & virtual teams
Dr. Sanna Schondelmayer
"Basia has invited You to be her friend on facebook?” On the transition of friendship between real and virtual world.
Dr. Heike Pfitzner & Adrienne Rubatos
Beside culture – hidden dimensions of power: exemplification on Eastern-Western European cooperation. Cases from Russia, Romania, Hungary in interaction with Germany
Robert Gibson
Trends in intercultural training for business: virtual worlds and more - an inside view
Sylwia Malon-Schulze
Working across cultures - the Chinese culture as an example
Ruben Hernandez
Using Lateral Thinking Activities in Intercultural Training to Shift Perspectives and Expand Our Skills Repertoire
Yoshi Joanna Grote
NatioNILism: Belonging to Spaces, not Places: The concept of Nationless-ness in the Cultural Identities of Global Nomads
Prof. Dr. Andreas König MA, Mag. Barbara Covarrubias Venegas
Cooperative learning to foster intercultural competencies through e-mentoring and intervision. A presentation of a joined project of A, CH, LT and CZ
Anna Ludwinek
Intercultural policies and intergroup relations:Shared learning between European cities
Marjeta Novak
Pessimism as a source of inspiration in change processes – lessons learned in Eastern Europe
Milton J. Bennett, Ph.D.
Interculturalism in A Virtual World of Multiple Absolutes
Elisabeth Weingraber-Pircher
Making virtual coaching across cultures more effective
David Trickey & Nigel Ewington
Identifying the Global Leaders of Tomorrow - A Virtual Approach
Hanna Mamzer
Pro’s and contra’s for virtual communication used in improving inter-cultural communication
Gopal Rajan
Facebook and our fascination with Social Networking and Technological Tools (Why the picture may not be worth a thousand words?)
Dr. Jamie Walker
Cross-border family mediation: context,issues and methodology
Kuba Krys
Problems with Ethno-centrism – Problems with self-esteem?
Gesa Krämer & Dr. Kirsten Nazarkiewicz
The transcultural dimension(s) of coaching - or: what you need in nowadays business coachings
Elisabeth Cassels-Brown
An Onground Course Goes Virtual
Dr. Kirsten Nazarkiewicz & Gesa Krämer
The intercultural Training is dead. Long live the intercultural training
Nancy L. O'Brien
Intercultural Relations: History and Future Directions Through the Lens of Women
Karin Grasenick & Wolfgang Gulis
One concept fits all!? - Intercultural Differences and Conflict Resolution