The 2011 Congress seeks to understand the transition to, and our own transformation within, a new virtual world and a new Europe.

Everyday living has taken on new dimensions - the IT revolution has changed our lives. There is a transformation taking place.

  • Does it reach into every sphere of our lives?
  • How can we use these new dimensions for cultural exchange?
  • What human knowledge and experience cannot be digitalized and pixelated?
  • How is interculturalism relevant in virtual communities?
  • Are the values of commitment, care of community, service and appreciating the contribution of others being encouraged or threatened?
  • What are the opportunities for volunteerism in the virtual communities of the 21st century?
  • What conflicts will emerge?

More frequent and intense intercultural experiences are what lie ahead for most of us. Despite a world economic crisis and often extreme border controls, millions move around the globe for tourism, adventure, work and a better life. The European Union is a reality.

  • Does increasing migration, tourism, and international business challenge the idea that separate cultures exist?
  • What part of our heritage should we carry forward?
  • What is our place as interculturalists in this new world, and what tools will be necessary?

This congress will invite us to engage with new trends in the intercultural domain and acquire new skills, to focus on developments now loose in the world that affect our everyday contact with virtual realities. We will ask how these new worlds affect our experiences, our expectations.

To do so we will track their progress in different cultures. We will ask whether these new forces level and dissipate our cultural heritage, or is it that the new culture that we have interiorized is leading us to virtual worlds?

The SIETAR Europa congresses have always served as a forum for interculturalists to come together to share their knowledge, insights, and questions with other members of the intercultural field. Members of SIETAR Europa represent a wide range of professions and disciplines and share a passion for deepening our understanding of cultures, increasing intercultural competence in ourselves and others, and in continually fostering culturally respectful and inclusive ways of making the world a better place to live and work.