Benefits - Why Participate?

For Individuals

This congress aims to help you gain an insight into the way people in another country think, work and behave. It may even be the chance to get past the usual obstacles to doing business in another country or overcome performance issues of your global virtual team. It is certainly the chance to tell them about your own way of life and working practices.

Put simply - to have positive input, fun, learning and laughter engaging with others about the crazy things that have happened in the life of cross-cultural business, education and beyond; all underpinned with strategies and exercises to up-skill you (and your staff) for tomorrow and the future.


For Organizations

Globalisation has meant a fundamental change in who, where and why we do business. Companies wanting to retain a competitive advantage in today’s interdependent economy will need to rely heavily on their global managers. They will have to understand this breed of people and grow their numbers by investing and cultivating culturally sensitive and efficient global managers – in fact, culturally intelligent leaders.

Participation in this congress will help organizations design work practices which will complement an international workforce and promote synergy of difference resulting in more effective management and better performance from global teams. It may help identify chronic performance issues that are yet to be resolved.

Nowadays companies need executives and managers who understand cross-cultural customs and business practices and how to promote efficiency and optimize profitability in a global environment. This congress will give a platform to speakers from industry who will share ‘best practice’ on how to become a cultural-competent organization and develop culturally Intelligent Leadership.

Helping your people develop culturally intelligent leadership will reap dividends: building on brand reputation, enhancing customer service, increasing your customer retention, decreasing employee attrition and adding to your bottom-line.