“The future of work is human: organic, complex and always in transition”


Webinar abstract

The way how traditional organizations are set up in a hierarchical ways are no longer adequate for the challenges that the globalised economy with its ever increasing pace poses. The future belongs to Organic Organizations. Distributed leadership, situational and contextual decision making by empowerment members of the community and consistent innovation and iteration through qualified peer-feedback are going to be key to be successful in the coming decades. This webinar will introduce the concept of Organic Organizations and discuss from an intercultural perspective the implications for training and consulting



bastian kuntzel

Mr. Bastian Küntzel facilitates learning at the intersection of culture, communication and management. His work focuses on intercultural competence, feedback and leadership of and in self-managed organizations. He holds an MA in Intercultural Communication and Adult Education from the University of Chemnitz and teaches Intercultural Training Design at the Ruhr Universität Bochum. Bastian is German by nationality but lives with his wife and two daughters in Wroclaw, Poland.