Call for Head of Communication Committee

Are you passionate about communications in intercultural and international environments? SIETAR Europa gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership and communication skills by heading the Communications Committee, a very dynamic intercultural virtual team working on several interesting projects to improve internal communication, create brand awareness and expandoutreach.

As the Head of the Communication Committee, your main task would be to define the action plan bearing in mind the Board guidelines and lead and supervise the work of the team members.

You will be working with the Executive Team of SIETAR Europa, the Board of Directors and the Chairs of the rest of the Committees.

Your main activities would entail:

  • Maintaining a good flow of communication within your team and within the organization with monthly committee meetings, bimonthly Board reports and transparent information on Slack.
  • Maintaining a good flow of communication with members and external parties by checking the incoming emails, supervising the outcoming mailings and guaranteeing a good use of social media channels.
  • Coordinating the mission and vision of SIETAR Europa and the Board action plan with the communication strategy of SIETAR Europa.
  • Supervising the ongoing projects of the Communication Committee, as the internal brand book, the social media strategy and the SIETAR Europa journal.
  • Improving outreach among difference audiences through different social media channels.

Your profile:

  • You have experience in communications strategies for any kind of organization
  • You have great intercultural leadership skills
  • Your values and objectives align with SIETAR Europa’s mission and values
  • Experience with Mailchimp, Slack, G-Suite, Doodle, YouTube, Microsoft Office, and/or WordPress would be a plus.
  • Experience with any SIETAR organization would be a plus.

This is a volunteer online position and it doesn’t require more than 2-3 hours per week. By taking this role, you would have the opportunity to collaborate and work with dedicated interculturalists from all over Europe. You would be able to shape SIETAR Europa’s brand image and implement any innovative projects that would boost SIETAR Europa’s reputation and social media presence. SIETAR Europa offers a very friendly, professional, intergenerational, and intercultural workspace with continuous learning opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming the next Head of the Communication Committee, please send your CV and motivation letter to Each applicant will receive a timely feedback to notify the status of their application