2022 Congress Coordinator

Call for a Congress Coordinator

SIETAR Europa is looking for a detail oriented and well organized volunteer to be our 2022 SEU Congress Coordinator. SIETAR Europa Congresses are highly anticipated events in the intercultural field, and attended by intercultural professionals from around the globe.

The Congress Coordinator works closely with the SEU Board of Directors, the Programme Committee Chair, and other congress committee chairs to organize, coordinate, and deliver our 2022 Congress.

Volunteering as the Congress Coordinator is an opportunity to demonstrate professional competence among your peers, as well as to work closely with other expert congress organizers.

Duties of Congress Coordinator:


  • Sets milestones, assigns responsibilities to Congress subcommittees as outlined in the Congress Handbook; monitors and reports on the progress of the Congress Steering Committee.
  • Collaborates with the Congress Steering Committee to organize and deliver the SEU Congress
  • Oversees and supports the work of the various Congress committees (Finance, Programme, Communication, Logistic)
  • Maintains weekly and monthly committee activities calendars; updates calendars as required
  • Follows-up on the congress back office team (registration, communication with attendees)

Event Planning:

  • Works with the relevant committees on compilation of the event program; maintains mailing lists for distribution of event calendar or other pertinent information.
  • In association with the SEU IT Committee, decides on a collaborative project management tool and organizations a training for its users.
  • Supports the work of the committee, which is implementing a social and cultural program to be run parallel to the Congress (e.g. Gala, cultural events, additional entertainment packages, etc.)
  • Facilitates operations and responds to emergencies, problems, etc; ensures all aspects of events are implemented and controlled according to plans
  • Works with the local Event Manager to ensure the acquisition of necessary services, technical, catering, etc.
  • Oversees the organization and works with the Programme Committee Chair on the creation of the final programme, including the publication of Congress programme
  • Works with the Event Manager to:
    • maintain direct contact with the various outside organizations associated with scheduled events.
    • obtain meeting request orders, book meeting rooms and send confirmations to clients.
    • determine participant counts and accordingly book right sized meeting rooms.
    • process all other additional requests such as room set-up, catering needs and audio visual device requirements.
  • Works with the relevant committee on the draft of the recognition announcement to be made during the event
  • Works with the relevant committees and volunteers in order to handle session feedback questionnaires and e-survey (set up, supervise, evaluate) for post congress


  • Tracks budget with the finance and sponsoring committees in coordinating and tracking various expenditures and revenues, collecting fees and maintaining any necessary records.
  • Reviews new vendor contract proposals for additional requirements and makes appropriate recommendations and consults the Congress Steering Committee as needed.
  • Participates in discussion and makes recommendations regarding policies (free or discounted admissions, scholarships, volunteer treats, advanced and door pricing, etc.)
  • Prepares a list of volunteers and amounts to be discounted/rebated or awards


  • Facilitates communication between all SEU Congress committees and the Congress Event Manager; ensuring the Event Manager has necessary information on time; all action to be timely performed in support to the on the ground preparation.
  • Supports the PR team in writing calendar-listing information; distributes to regional media – print, radio, and television.



Must be/have:

  • Excellent planning, budgeting and project management skills and have the ability to lead and motivate their teams, and work under pressure due to time and budget constraints.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Detail-oriented individual with the ability to se projects through from start to finish.
  • Able to multitask with excellent organizational abilities.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with clear communication and a friendly manner
  • Able to collaborate and work seamlessly with both members of your own team and outside parties to ensure everyone is on the same page and committed to an outstanding outcome
  • Able to negotiate to get satisfactory rates and services, which requires conference coordinators to discuss terms until an agreement can be reached
  • Able to think on your feet, and be agile and responsive when challenges present themselves, and to keep the event on track must be capable of managing several activities at the same time,
  • Able to liaise effectively with volunteers, committees, suppliers and presenters.
  • Excellent customer service skills to deal with inquiries and complaints


  • Experience of previous SIETAR Europa congresses
  • Experience in a related field such as public relations, exhibition management or the hotel and catering industry would be useful, and coordinators must be able to demonstrate a track record of successful event management.


How to Apply:

Are you interested in this new challenge?

Please apply via the “SEU Volunteer Application” form found on this page.

Then send your CV by via email to: congress22.volunteers@sietareu.org