Build Your Professional Profile & Products for Promotion

1) Sabrina Ziegler and Vanessa Shaw
2) Matthew Hill
3) Eilidh Milnes
4) Randall Stieghorst
5) Anne Fox

Price €55/day (coffee break included)

If you wish to register, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating:
- First Name / Family name
- Nationality
- Sietar member or not (if yes, which Sietar)
- Phone number

9.00 am - 1) Vanessa Shaw and Sabrina Ziegler: "Design, Plan, Implement and Maximize your Social Media Marketing"
How can interculturalists be successful marketers? This workshop will cover how social media is being used, which platforms are the best to achieve your goals and how to maximize results.

Start attracting followers that convert.
Spread the reach of your marketing efforts to hit your target audience.

Through story telling, visual examples, data on trends and research we will guide you.

You will leave with a framework for designing, planning, implementing and maximizing your social media marketing campaign. We will dive into social media, yet all the while keeping in mind the practice of intercultural competence.

Sabrina Ziegler’s Profile

Sabrina Ziegler  Sabrina has been in the intercultural field for over ten years. She has worked with international volunteer organizations and is currently a Community Manager for the Intercultural Communication Institute, the Events Coordinator for Young SIETAR, Social Media Coordinator for SIETAR B.C. Professionally Sabrina is an intercultural, enhancing communications and interculturally focused social media educational designer and owner of Authentizen.com

Vanessa Shaw’s Profile

Vanessa Shaw  Vanessa joined the intercultural field while working in New York City. During this time she traveled to over 50 universities to promote service-learning and the value of cultural exchange as part of a White House Initiative and in partnership with the United Nations. Moving to the Silicon Valley, she joined a start-up training programme focused on women-led, high-growth technology businesses. Currently in Madrid, she facilitates various social media projects and is a budding intercultural trainer.

10.00 am - 2) Matthew Hill: “You too can produce real PRODUCTS.”

Do you desire to have products with your name on them, but don’t know where to start?
Do you wish to gain professional authority that results in a flow of profitable business and an increased perception of your value and brand in the corporate market place?
In this session, Matthew will provide an overview of the journey from passion and ideas to producing real products that will get you noticed and generating income for yourself.

You will gain:
• Confidence in your voice, brand and message
• Knowledge of exactly how to proceed with the recording process
• The Know-how to promote yourself to get product sales and more training days.
At the end of this first session, you will have all you need to move up from happy amateur to paid professional in the product production and promotion space.

Matthew Hill’s Profile

MatthewHill  Matthew is an author, trainer and coach in the intercultural and leadership space. His book, “Learn how to LEAD; Believe, Behave & Become” aims to help new managers expand their confidence, find their voice and move their teams to responsible and profitable action. His 5 CD boxed set on Negotiation; “Get more from MORE; Negotiate to the MAX!” helps executives overcome fear and understand commercial argument and so arrive at outcomes of outstanding value.
Matthew has trained in such companies as SAP, Tesco, Orange and GE. He has trained 1,000’s of managers and worked in more than 25 countries.
He is currently President of SIETAR UK and was recently voted Crown Relocation’s, “Trainer of the Year.

11.00  - Coffee Break

11.30 am - 3) Eilidh Milnes: “The Power Behind Collaboration”
The Session:
“From solo-preneur to co-preneur…”
In an era of global recession and economic downturn more people are turning away from the solo-preneur model to become co-preneurs – sharing their knowledge, skills, experience and contacts. As the first Co-President of an international speaking association, Eilidh will share her experience of collaborating in business. She will cover:
• Why collaborate?
• When to consider it?
• How to make it work?
• Who do you work with?
• How to avoid potential pitfalls of collaboration?
You will gain tips on how to improve your communication skills, self-belief and have lots of fun in the process. Expect an upbeat interactive session.

Eilidh Milnes’ Profile

Eiliidh  Over ten years ago, Eilidh Milnes was dubbed “Captain Positive!” She delivers a fresh perspective on effective communication.
October 2013 sees Eilidh (that’s “Ay-lee”) become joint President of PSA - the premier organisation in the UK for those involved in professional speaking. She is a motivational speaker and natural born storyteller. Eilidh uses humour in her inspirational presentations; building on her background in education and psychology.
Fabulous fun! Content-rich!” Mark Sherwin. Eilidh looks forward to sharing her knowledge, experience and pizzazz with you at the SIETAR conference.
Eilidh co-authored “The Diversity Dashboard” with Debby Swallow - a brand new book with a creative approach to cultural awareness.

12.30 - Lunch

2.00 pm - 4) Randall Stieghorst: "How to Price Your Intercultural Services"
This session will give you what you need to know about pricing and positioning your professional work;
Hourly, Daily, or Project-based? 
Exploring the challenges interculturalists face in pricing their services in the consulting and training market.
What will the Market Bear? 
Overview of common pricing strategies in busine
ss. • Best Practices? 
Discussion and sharing of preferred practices, worst practices, and best practices with regards to charging for the work we do.

Randall Stieghorst’s Profile

Randall Stieghorst  Randall is a senior partner with Language & Culture Worldwide, where for the past 13 years he has provided instructional design and facilitation of cross-cultural learning for global organizations, as well as translation and localization project management. A returned US Peace Corps volunteer, Randall received his MBA from the University of Chicago. Currently based in Chicago, Randall has also lived and worked extensively in the Dominican Republic, Spain, Latvia, Brazil, and Argentina.

3.00 pm - 5) Anne Fox: “Podcast Master Class”
Why attend?
Podcasts, whether audio or video are a great way to add interactivity to your web presence whether that be on a website, Facebook page, newsletter or YouTube channel.

In this session you will take your business as the starting point and explore why you might want to use audio or video snippets as part of your online presence.

As we go through some basic questions such as why, how, how often and how much it costs, we will, at the same time, be producing our own podcast which you can listen to later to remind you of what you learned.

By the end of this session you will know
• What a podcast is
• Why it might be useful for your business
• How to make a simple one

Anne Fox’s Profile

Anne  In Denmark, Anne Fox is a learning coach helping English learners and teachers wanting to integrate ICT, especially into language learning and intercultural training. She started the Absolutely Intercultural podcast in 2006 which has won two international awards, the latest being Best Danish non-profit podcast in 2010 in the European Podcast Award.
Anne helps international projects in ensuring the quality of project management and didactical products, often using the podcast to disseminate project milestones.”

4.00 pm Close

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