Free Tools and Materials (from archive)

In this section we provide diverse links for free training material. You can join us in building this resource by sending us training material and links you would like to share. Send us your suggestions here.


Teaching Diversity

Exercises and simulations, focus on course organization and classroom teaching.



Provides articles, online resources, books and guides. This site was founded by Kate Berardo, active committee member of SIETAR Europa.


Culture Matters – Trainer’s Guide


Hello in different languages:

This is a fun, warm-up, cross-cultural activity.  The group tries to come up the word(s) for “hello” in as many different languages as possible.


The story of my name

Where does your name come from? Share the story of where your name comes from and what your name means.  Helps to build intercultural respect and understanding.


Have you ever?

Active, fun group activity to explore and celebrate the rich diversity of people’s past experiences. Works well with large groups.


Cross-cultural IQ Test

This activity helps students become aware that so-called “intelligence” is culturally-bound and culturally defined. Attempt short IQ tests for mainstream US/Australian culture, Black-Rap 1960’s culture, Australian Aboriginal culture. Ideal for class-room based education about psychology and culture, suited to older adolescents and adults. The tests are written in good humor.


Diversity Activities for youth & adults

Seven (7) different activities


Country Etiquettes Guides

Various countries listed, including language, useful phrases, society, culture, business and social etiquettes



CultureDude helps people learn about cultural situations in a fun manner by using simple-to-use funny cultural games. This can be played for 120+ countries with 8000+ cultural situations presently.


Country Insights

Learn about the cultures of almost any country. Provides free information on history, culture, economy, media and links to more information.


Games & Activities for teaching ESL

100+ activities which can be used with adults and children who are learning a second language.


CultureMee app

A free app which explains culture for students, expats, refugees and business people. Available on Android and Apple.


Cultural Intelligence

Russell D. Howard, Greta Hanson, and Carly Laywell (2016). Cultural Intelligence for Special Forces Personnel. JSOU Report 16-10

In a 2009 JSOU Press monograph reflecting on the education requirements for Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel, Brigadier General Russ Howard (U.S. Army, retired) identified “cultural competency” as critical to SOF professional development. The research team asserts that cultural intelligence (CQ) makes the difference and describes a proficiency that goes beyond simply being intelligent, emotionally mature, or having good general social skills. Their message to SOF is that a person with high CQ, whether cultivated or innate, can understand and master situations, persevere, and do the right thing.