Head of External Relations Committee

Head of External Relations Committee

Are you a dedicated individual interested in building something meaningful and lead the intercultural community in Europe as the head of the External Relations Committee of SIETAR Europa?

If yes, keep reading and let us hear from you!

The position

As the Head of the External Relations Committee you will focus primarily at co-building the team, define the action plan, and manage the work of the team-members.

You will be working closely with the Executive Team of SIETAR-Europa and the entire Board of Directors of SIETAR-Europa.

Your main activities / objectives:

  • To identify potential partners in Europe and beyond
  • To clearly formulate what SIETAR-Europa can offer each potential partner and draft specific proposals for co-operation
  • To establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships and facilitate continuous dialogue with selected partners
  • To map out potential sponsorship opportunities for SIETAR events and put together template sponsorship packages to be used in diverse SIETAR events
  • To monitor opportunities for SIETAR-Europa members to engage with and contribute to the work of other organisations in Europe 

Why this is a crucial position for the success of SIETAR Europa

SIETAR-Europa is part of a larger community of organisations, networks and institutions that are working towards similar aims in Europe and beyond, namely facilitating dialogue, understanding and championing diversity and building inclusive, prosperous and peaceful communities.

While each of actor in this plethora of organisations is unique and provides a specific perspective, approach and area of competence, there is value in collaboration and connection. On the one hand external partners can facilitate, in many ways (including financially), SIETAR-Europa’s work towards achieving its own organisational objectives; on the other hand, SIETAR-Europa and particularly its members can find opportunities to add value with and through partner organisations that are not possible to do within SIETAR itself. There is an opportunity to increase the impact we can make through increased efforts towards building connections, partnerships and other relationships with other actors in this field. 

Your profile

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who have passion for others and enjoy working with different stakeholders.

We’d love to hear from you if you are:

  • A direct member of SIETAR-Europa or a member of national SIETAR organisation
  • Experienced in leading a group of volunteers
  • Experienced in directing strategic initiatives and able see through complex processes
  • Aware of the ecosystem of organisational actors in field of cultural diversity in Europe and beyond

The scope of this role

The External Relations Committee will be responsible:

  • To increase SIETAR-Europa’s visibility within the ecosystem of organisations working towards similar aims as SIETAR
  • To establish SIETAR-Europa’s reputation as a source of expertise on intercultural matters among institutions concerned with intercultural questions
  • To enable members of SIETAR-Europa to contribute to the work of partners in Europe and beyond
  • To expand the potential sources of financing of SIETAR-Europa’s work beyond membership contributions

The opportunity for you

By taking this role, we offer you:

  • The opportunity to sustainably shape the way SIETAR Europa is perceived in the world. To have a real impact through your volunteering work.
  • The chance to engage with and represent SIETAR Europa in forums, where policies, projects or initiatives are shaped that impact the world beyond what we can do individually.
  • Collaboration with passionate, dedicated and empowered individuals from all over Europe.

How to apply

If this opportunity sounds interesting to you, please send your CV/motivation letter to president (at) sietareu.org. Each applicant will receive a timely feedback to notify the status of their application.