Virtual Institute

September 2021

Anti-racism, Inclusion, and Intersectionality: From cutting-edge research to best practice


Opening Ceremony

3 September 2021


Master Class 1


7 – 9 September

In this Master Class, researchers will plot the history of intercultural research, and examine the current state of affairs in relation to the different research paradigms with a focus on anti-racism, inclusion and intersectionality, and possible ways forward.

Master Class 2


14 – 16 September

How is the world of education coming to grasps with the challenges of teaching anti-racism, inclusion and intersectionality? In this Master Class, participants will explore the skills needed by educators to effectively address these questions and others and the role of educators in racial equity within their institutions.

Master Class 3


21 – 23 September

There is widespread agreement that anti-racism, inclusion and intersectionality are in high demand in the field of corporate training. In this Master Class, participants will delve into the latest research in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training and explore how to implement innovative and effective training strategies in today’s rapidly changing corporate world.

Closing Ceremony

24 September 2021

Film and Arts Festival

10-18 September 2021


A bi-annual online event born to promote interculturality by creating awareness about social, cultural and human rights issues. The festival aims to support the dissemination and promotion of intercultural education, training and research, promoting intercultural cinema.