Intercultural Book Series

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  • The Intercultural Training Tool Kit
    Activities for Developing Intercultural Competence for Virtual and Face-to-face Teams At SIETAR we want to encourage the development and application of knowledge, values and skills which enable effective intercultural relations at individual, group, organisation and community levels. Inspired by many discussions in the SIETAR network, the idea of publishing a collection of SIETAR intercultural […]
  • The Intercultural Cookbook
    People connect to their cultural or ethnic group through similar food patterns. This cookbook is an excellent opportunity to celebrate our international community with its many diverse tastes and talents. It reflects our deep commitment to our core SIETAR values of diversity and respect. Cookbook Editors: Ann-Kristin Torkler, Barbara Covarrubias Venegas, Joanna Sell, Pari Namazie   Check out […]