Letter from Mieke Janssen-Matthes, Co-founder and first President of SIETAR Europa

(originally published May 2015)

We would like to publish a letter from Mieke Janssen-Matthes, co-founder and first president of SIETAR Europa who recently celebrated her birthday:

Dear Mister President of SIETAR-EUROPA, Livingstone Thompson, Hanneke, Saskia, Candela and Manuel,

Your message, your congratulations and all good wishes really touched me. Thank you so much!

It aroused happy thoughts, inspiring memories but most of all it reminded me of the unity, good will and enthusiasm, so ingrained in this non-governmental society for education, training and research in Europe. You begin meeting colleagues, you end leaving friends!

May this congress manage to keep up the “good work”, showing how original grass- roots organizations might be exemplary!

May the exchange of knowledge, of care and problem solving be a joy to you all.

I considered participating, but my health keeps me home, hopefully preparing me for the next decade!

Enjoy a wonderful farewell dinner, hopefully looking forward to the next conference!

Please, forward my warm greetings to all SIETARIANS, old and new.

Let me end with the Vera Lynn’s song:

     “We’ll meet again,
      don’t know where,
      don’t know when,
      some happy day!”

Many, Many thanks.
Mieke M.E. Janssen-Matthes,
Co-creator and First President of SIETAR-Europa