Maria Jicheva passes away

(originally published 15 June 2015)

We heard today that Maria Jicheva passed away this weekend of the cancer she had been struggling with such courage and dignity, without moaning, showing or complaining; with so much courage that to some of us, unaware of the suffering she has been facing, so fiercely hidden behind her smile, her warmth, in Tallinn and elsewhere, Her much too early departure comes as real shock, and unprepared as we were will take time to realize.

Our deep sympathy goes to her daughter, her family, her friends and her colleagues. We share your grief and your sorrow.

Our sympathy goes to Francien from the Netherlands, to Alexander from Germany who were Presidents of SIETAR Europa just before and just after: SIETAR Presidents work hand in hand and they did, in the three years she served as Sietar Europa President from 2004 to 2007 : “She was a very remarkable person, a good friend and a reliable, motivating and inspiring colleague to many of us. And yes, the “Queen of Diplomacy” was a title she truly deserved”

The Queen of Diplomacy, thus she will be remembered. Please be assured that we DO share your grief.

Our sympathy goes to our and her colleagues, our and her so many friends from Sofia and from SIETAR Bulgaria, she was such a very active contributor and president; and to her colleagues in the UK where she had recently settled.

Our sympathy also goes to the many Sietarians from all over who worked shared, built with Maria – “She was so generous, so inspiring” – contributed to her many a project, adding stepping stones together to a better understanding and to higher respect of mankind.

PEACE be with her!

Claude Bourgeois, Sietar Europa President

**A collection is being organized for the funeral. The very numerous portraits and messages we receive from all over Europe will be gathered into a memory booklet for her family to keep.