Enjoy the Benefits of being a SIETAR Member!

Are you considering becoming a SIETAR Europa member? Can we assist you with your decision-making? There are two ways to join SIETAR Europa: through a National SIETAR or as a Direct Member. Either way, the moment you join the SIETAR network of interculturalists the following benefits are granted to you:

  • Being part of a professional network with renown interculturalists, academics, trainers and many interesting connections.
  • Information about congresses, conferences, training, webinars and social events.
  • Discounts on SIETAR events worldwide (webinars, congresses, masterclasses…).
  • Participation in Special Interest Groups (Africa, Diversity & Inclusion, LGBT, Migration).
  • Contributing to - and receiving - SIETAR Europa publications as the SIETAR Europa Journal.
  • Contributing and participating in SIETAR Europa webinars, Anti-Racism Learning Series, CCC-Breaks and SEU DMeetUps.
  • Opportunities to participate in committees and workgroups.
  • Chance to share experiences, resources and best practices, as well as to receive feedback and recommendations.

Ready to make your decision? Read about your two options - National and Direct - in the sections below.

Join a National SIETAR!

SIETAR Europa is the umbrella organization of a series of National SIETARs located in Europe. Becoming a member of one of these National SIETARs, means becoming a member of SIETAR Europa. The National SIETARs are:

SIETAR Austria

SIETAR Deutschland



SIETAR Ireland


SIETAR Nederland



SEU Cirde

You may join one of these National SIETARs if you live in the country, are a national of that country, are a native speaker of their official language or any other reason. To join a National SIETAR, visit their website for details.

However, you can always choose to join SIETAR Europa directly.

Join SIETAR Europa Direct Members!

Becoming a Direct Member of SIETAR Europa has its own benefits. As we are located all over the world, our events are fully online. As a SEU Direct Member you also have the opportunity to be a speaker for our monthly SEU DMeetUps, where members share their projects, research, finding and provide interesting discussions and feedback.

There are different membership options to join the SIETAR Europa Direct Members:

  • Individual Direct Membership is for individuals who live or work in a country where there is no national SIETAR or who have some special reason for joining SIETAR Europe (language, remoteness, etc.)
  • Reduced Direct Membership is for students, retired members and those with annual net income under 15.000€. Proof of eligibility will be required before completing the payment.
  • Organizational Memberships are for businesses and non-profit organizations that support the aims of SIETAR Europa. Includes organizational listing and direct membership for five individuals.

To join SIETAR Europa as a Direct Member, simply complete the Membership Form on this page!