Mieke Janssen-Matthes passes away

Dear President, dear Board Members,

Maybe you already know, but May 7th Mieke Janssen-Matthes passed away.

Mieke was one of the creators and founders of SIETAR Europa and the first President of SIETAR Europa. Mieke was the tireless lead administrator of SIETAR Europa during its first formative years in Haarlem, NL. At the same time, she was Executive Vice President of SIETAR International and for a long time member of the Governing Council of SIETAR International.

A true pillar of the organisation. 

She was an inspiration for many Sietarians and other people working in the intercultural field. She was an inspiring and respected lecturer and coach for many children living in Otherland’. Author of the ‘Anderland’ books for children and adults in Dutch, and the English editions: ‘Off to Otherland: A read-and-do book for children going to live abroad’, 1998, 2002, 2007 and ‘Unlocking the secret of Otherland: A story and activity book for children living abroad’. Amsterdam 2006.

Mieke was honorary member of SIETAR Europa and honorary member of SIETAR Nl. She received the SIETAR International Senior Interculturalist Award and she was also the well deserved recipient of the SIETAR Europa Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005.

SIETAR Europa is indebted to Mieke’s unfaltering wisdom, energy and dedication.

In lieu of condolences, Mieke’s family is interested in receiving personal memories or wishes. In order not to publish the family address, contact either Susan Vonsild (smv@interlink.dk) or Francien Wieringa (f.i.wieringa@gmail.com) and they will give you the correct address.

Warm regards to all of you,
Monica Armour
Leslie Guggiari
Susan Vonsild
Francien Wieringa