NEW: Call for Nominations – SEU Executive Committee

Dear SIETAR Members,

Please find below a notice from the SIETAR Europa Election Commission:

Be part of an important cultural chapter – New elections – Four (4) Senior SIETAR Europa Roles are opening up.

Roles up for Election this Summer

  • President of SIETAR Europa
  • Vice President of SIETAR Europa
  • Treasurer of SIETAR Europa
  • Secretary of SIETAR Europa

Who should apply?

Your Profile – You are a trainer, academic, intercultural coach, intercultural student, applied linguist or a cultural enthusiast. And, you have been a member of one of the European National SIETARS that supports SIETAR Europa, and feel you now have something more to offer to the whole European membership, (an amazing group of people.)

Opportunity missed – Don’t let this one slip through your fingers. This is the first election, in what represents a new era for SIETAR Europa, aiming to broaden out the candidate pool (to some 1,200 souls), be inclusive, transparent, and to support the active promotion of new talent.

Join the SIETAR Family – Volunteering is your chance to step into the light, and take a seat amongst your peers, who, in turn, will be excited to support you in further expanding the activities, influence and reach of this important volunteer organisation.

What have you heard? “But all SIETAR Europa really does is put on a Congress every other year!”  Wrong! SIETAR has 5 thriving committees, generating plenty of other activities and engagement. Just one example from the last 12 months – The Anti-Racist educational webinar series. Speakers generated powerful content, delivered with passion, and engaged with record breaking crowds. Webinar registrations regularly hit 300 people for each webinar.

Maybe this is NOT for you
We only have 4 places, and we want volunteers who are going to give of their best, and, get the most out of the experience too.
Please, do NOT apply if you:

  • Don’t enjoy robust exchange and discussion
  • Are not well organised!!!
  • Don’t have the time to be available for the key moments – Congresses, meetings, or occasional incidents and dramas
  • Are not passionate about the key intercultural issues happening in our world today – Inclusion, Migration, Peace, Racism, Education, Mentoring, Discrimination, Language, Polarisation & Extremism, etc.

Support – You will never walk alone. The best thing about SIETAR, in all its forms, is the support and bonhomie between members, committee volunteers, and partner organisations. SIETAR works, and works best, when we help each other, commit to agreed actions, and function as a multi-disciplinary, coordinated team. This is the promise of the new structure.

Why join up, join us and join in? If you have read to this point, you are obviously made of the right stuff. So, why should you take the next step and put yourself up for election?

The benefits for YOU:

  • Working with the best people in the field – SIETAR attracts the best speakers, writers, trainers, coaches, researchers and students. You will have access to these people and their resources too
  • Be valued and included – The extraordinary culture of SIETAR is predicated on bringing people in, listening to them, valuing their ideas, suggestions and contributions, and respecting them as individuals who have a story to tell, and a contribution to make.
  • Enjoyment – The mission may be serious. The issues we face are sometimes grave and troubling, but our spirit is full of joy, optimism and energy.
  • Meaning – When you take up one of the 4 roles, you will be making a difference to the minds and lives of many. Your actions will have a concrete effect, and your voice will be heard.
  • Friendship – This is the chance to establish relationships across borders, and with people who you would never have otherwise met, and to stay in contact with them, following each other’s progress as your parallel life journeys unfold.

Application support
We will help take you through all the steps, supporting your application:

  • Getting your profile and candidate statements ready
  • Getting you through the Election Commission eligibility check (hopefully)
  • Helping you to do your best during the candidate campaigning period, including encouraging your pre-election presence, campaign content, and providing speaking opportunities too.

Action – “Declaration of Interest”
You have thought about it. It all seems to make sense. (You did not qualify yourself out earlier!) Now is the time to take one simple and specific action: To start your application for one of the 4 roles, send me, Matthew Hill, Chair of the SIETAR Europa Election Commission, an email, with the word, “Interested” in the title, and you will receive a prospective candidate welcome pack with further details: of the job roles, a simple application template, further background information on SIETAR Europa, and the likely timings involved too.

That’s it. Simple.

What are you waiting for? Send that email with “Interested” in the title to Matthew Hill, NOW.

Matthew Hill
Chair, Election Commission