President’s Letter 2015

(first published December 2014)

Dear SIETAR Colleagues,

The lights of the Christians’ Christmas celebrations, as do the festivals of lights in other religious traditions like Jain and Hinduism, remind us of the stories of new life, triumph and new beginnings that have been preserved in the world’s cultural traditions. The stories are told and re-told as each generation tries to find new answers for old questions and pose new questions as they search for new situations.
SIETAR Europa is also aware of its own cultural stories and as 2015 comes within our gaze, we are seeking new narratives to refresh the cultural paradigms. Global and regional changes, as changes in local communities, challenge us to find new answers to old questions of culture, cultural interaction and intercultural communication

The search for new stories, new theories and cutting edge practices in the intercultural field, which is the thematic idea underlying the congress to be held in Valencia May 21-23, 2015, is also a search for new ways of being intercultural and relevant in a world that is irretrievably diverse. Further information can be found on the congress webpage here:, registration is already open.

SIETAR Europa, as a leading intercultural organisation, treats the grasp for new cultural paradigms as an imperative, which is also reflected in the current process to realise a new mission and vision leading towards 2025.

As 2014 ends and as we awake to the hope and excitement of 2015, we praise the commitment of our Board of Directors, executives and working committees, whose tireless efforts gave a fresh impulse to our work. Our zeal and drive cannot slacken in the New Year.

The new vision and mission leading to 2025, the new theories and ideas for new practice emerging from the May 21-23 congress and the inauguration of a new president and Board are some of the exciting things to expect in 2015.


Livingstone Thompson
President, SIETAR Europa