President’s New Years Message 2016

(first published December 2015)

Dear SIETAR Colleagues,

Looking back on the past year, 2015 came filled with many opportunities and challenges, heart-warming and heart-breaking events, joys and sorrows. It is hard for any of us to influence world events, but how we react as individuals and within our communities can make a world of difference. And a difference can be made in many different ways, no matter how great, no matter how small…

Looking back at the first half of the year, SIETAR Europa enjoyed a successful congress in Valencia, where our very active team of volunteers and committees came together once more to organize an amazing congress, where knowledge could flow, networks could be built, old and new friendships could be re-kindled. For the organising committees, there were lessons to be learnt and improvements to be made for our forthcoming congresses. And in the midst of the migrant crisis which followed in the latter half of the year, it was warming to see the solidarity of our members, community and national SIETARs working together as volunteers and entrepreneurs, providing assistance and solutions to this global crisis. Through the global connect platform connecting SIETAR Presidents, many stories, projects, best practices were shared on this issue.

In October 2015, SIETAR Europa welcomed a new board with representatives from each national SIETAR and our direct members, i.e. members who do not belong to a national SIETAR. The Board hit the ground running, so to speak, and had to immediately deal with one or two challenges. To this aim, I am honoured to be working with the current board, who as individuals come with experience, objectivity and wisdom and as a team show a true spirit of democracy, ensuring each decision is weighed within both the national and global frameworks we operate in.

As for the year ahead, I believe our SIETAR family and community has much work to do and much to offer. Not only do our individual projects in our different fields of education, training, coaching, consulting and research continue but so does our work within our national SIETARs and within SIETAR Europa. Our communication committee works tirelessly ensuring SIETAR Europa is “seen and heard” on social media, newsletters and journals. The next congress committee has already come together to start the discussion on the 2017 Dublin congress theme and the events and webinar committee has not only a new and highly professional webinar platform, but has already provided us with an excting and exhaustive calendar of webinars for the year ahead. The SIETAR Europa board will come together in an annual face to face meeting in February to discuss important issues on strategy, structure and adding value. In addition to a face to face meeting, the board will hold monthly virtual meetings.

I look forward to 2016 and hope it is a year in which we continue learning, sharing and giving. I and the SIETAR Europa Board take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday and new year. Until 2016, stay well and warm!

Pari Namazie
President SIETAR Europa

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