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Transcript of Webinar presentation: Using documentary film interactively in intercultural communication training
by John Twitchin, Director, Centre for Intercultural Development (CI-CD)
The film festival scheduled a webinar by John Twitchin: an interactive presentation of extracts from broadcast training documentaries on intercultural communication which show intercultural exchanges and misunderstandings at work both in the West and in Asia. They are widely used by university teachers of languages and linguistics, by cultural trainers of managers preparing for working internationally, and by HR trainers of 'front-line' public services to meet needs of ethnically and culturally diverse minorities. For those who are veterans in the training and consultancy business it is nicety know that John was director of the famous BBC film CrossTalks.
Due to technical problems we could not hold the webinar in Tallinn, but John decided to share the transcript of his webinar with us.
For the fim extracts see:
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Video and teaching notes of: "The New Math of Multicultural Workgroups"
by Steve Crawford and Ronan Browne
The video "The New Math of Multicultural Workgroups"  was screened at the Sietar Conference in Tallinn and now Steve crawford and Ronan Browne would like to offer you full access online to the video and related teaching notes for use in your practice at no cost for one month. The pass key will expire on December 1st. The congress attendees are asked to please not share the pass key outside of the SIETAR congress community. If you wish to use the video after December 1st the authors will extend you the SIETAR Congress price of 75 euros (25% discount) plus shipping and provide you with your own DVD copy.

First, you must go to the following website:

Enter the pass key as it is (valid until December 1st):      SIETAR2013

You must have fairly good Internet access to stream the video.


Fons Trompenaars live at TEDxAmsterdam: Riding the waves of culture
November 6th 2013
Fons Trompenaars and his team have captured, analyzed and coded dilemmas that owe their origin to competing values, including those stemming from both national and organizational cultural differences. He explains how to build the skills, sensitivity, and cultural awareness necessary for managing effectively across cultural borders—and seize the opportunities diversity brings to an organization.
To activate the talk use YOUTTube link: