2021 Virtual Institute Project Manager

SIETAR Europa is looking for a detail-oriented and well-organized volunteer for a 5-month project to develop our 2021 SEU Virtual Institute as Project Manager. This new SIETAR Europa event will fill the gap left by the rescheduling of the 2021 Congress and will be attended by intercultural professionals from around the globe.

The SEU Virtual Institute Project Manager will work closely with the SEU Board of Directors and committee chairs to organize, coordinate, and deliver our 2021 Event.

The SEU Virtual Institute is set to run over a 2-week period. It will deliver a series of “masterclass” workshops on specific themes that blend cutting-edge research with up-to-date practices involving the education, corporate, and NGO fields. It will also involve a number of plenary events as well as virtual networking and social activities.


Duties of this position

Leadership & Communication

  • Collaborates with the Steering Committee to provide a strategic approach to budgeting and creative direction of summer virtual-event.
  • Monitors back office team (registration, communication with attendees)
  • Facilitates communication between registration, communication, speakers, production, finance, as well as working with other stakeholders to coordinate timelines using Slack and Trello.
  • Monitor list of volunteers

Virtual Event Planning

  • Designs Project Management Plan for a series of masterclasses to take place over a two-week period. This person will develop and implement a program to transform a digital experience into a memorable learning and networking event
  • Communicates and strategizes with the Community Development Committee, which is implementing a social and cultural program to be run parallel to the virtual event (e.g. virtual networking events, additional virtual entertainment packages etc.),
  • Facilitates operations and responds proactively to ensure all aspects of events are implemented and controlled according to plans
  • Oversees the organization and works with the programme Committee Chair on the creation of the final programme
  • Works with the relevant committee on the draft of the recognition announcements to be made during the event
  • Works with the relevant committees and volunteers in order to handle session feedback questionnaires and e-survey (set up, supervise, evaluate online)


  • Tracks budget with the finance and sponsoring committees to coordinate and assess various expenditures and revenues, collect fees, and maintain necessary records.
  • Reviews new vendor contract proposals for additional requirements and makes appropriate recommendations, and consults the Steering Committee as needed.
  • Participates in discussions and makes recommendations regarding policies (free or discount admissions, scholarships, volunteer treats, pricing, etc.)
  • Supervises or monitors amounts to be discounted, rebated, or awarded.


Must be/have

  • Excellent planning, budgeting, and project management skills and have the ability to lead and motivate teams, and work under pressure due to time and budget constraints.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills in a virtual context
  • Detail-oriented individual with the ability to see projects through from start to finish.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with clear communication and a friendly manner.
  • Able to liaise effectively with volunteers, committees, participants, and presenters.


  • Experience of previous SIETAR Europa events
  • Experience in a related field such as public relations, exhibition management, or virtual event organization would be useful.

How to Apply:

Are you interested in a challenge?

  1. Please apply here
  2. Then send your CV to: president@sietareu.org