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Make sure to read the submission guidelines: *click* 


All academic papers should be submitted via the online submission system. Click here to access the online submission system (please don’t send them by email).

Academic submissions will undergo a double-blind review. As part of the paper submission process, you will be expected to sign up to act as a reviewer. Please make sure that your paper is anonymous, i.e. delete all the information related to your name and affiliation. All papers should be submitted in the format of the template, which you can download here:



There are two submission formats for the so-called IACCM Academic Track:

(1) Academic Paper Presentations (20-30 mins.) and (2) Panel Sessions (90 mins.).

More information you can find below.

About IACCM – Setting up an international network of experts in the field of cross cultural competence provides the possibility for co-ordinated knowledge transfer and aims at bringing together those who work on issues related to cross-cultural competence and management in order to promote and develop this subject collectively. The emphasis is laid on the organization of international workshops and conferences for networking of experts in the field, and the creation of common research projects. Furthermore, it is not only a platform for the submission of project proposals, but also an avenue for facilitating partnerships on related projects and consolidating networks for better access to research funding.  IACCM Council Members.


(1) Academic Paper Presentations (20-30 mins.)

Academic Paper Presentation submissions should not be longer than 900 – 1.200 words to be submitted via our online submission system in the template (see above).

Presenter(s) will give their input (15-20 minutes, according to the allocated slot in the programme) after which they will have time to engage in discussion with the participants. While this format permits considerable audience participation, the presenter(s) should, within the given time, propose and follow an outline to permit a thorough examination of the presented topic.


(2) Panel Sessions (90 mins.)

Panel session proposals should not be longer than 900 – 1.200 words to be submitted via our online submission system in the template (see above).

Panel sessions serve as discussion forums for issues of contemporary interest to intercultural scholars. Panels are complete sessions organized as a single submission by the panel chair around a common theme. Panels may have a variety of formats. Examples include: roundtables with no formal papers, innovative presentations utilizing visual aids and key notes and discussions with senior scholar(s).

A panel session is an interactive and enthusiastic discussion on important topics in our field. Panels are an excellent tool for generating debate, raising new and interesting issues and sharing multiple points of view on a given topic. IACCM panel sessions are a forum for discussing provocative, controversial, innovative, cutting edge, and boundary-breaking issues. Usually a panel session starts with a brief introduction of the topic and the participants, followed by the panelists giving their views on the topic through short presentations. The session must allow sufficient time (about 30 minutes) for an interactive questions and answers session involving both the panelists and the audience. A typical panel will consist of four participants, including the moderator. Limiting panel size to 4 participants allows sufficient time for questions from the audience. Panel session proposals with more than four panelists must convincingly prove that all the panelists will be able to lead the discussion within the limited time framework

Criteria for a successful Panel Session submission:

We encourage panel sessions with participants from different universities and countries. The proposals will be reviewed by at least two independent reviewers who will specifically take into consideration the following criteria:

  • Relevance: Is the topic of the proposed panel session related to the main themes in International Business and/or the main theme of SIETAR Europa Congress?
  • Significance: Does the proposed panel session offer value beyond the usual competitive or interactive paper sessions, or address issues that are interesting but underexplored? Does it propose something new in terms of conceptual or methodological approaches, or highlight an issue of considerable managerial or societal significance?
  • Coherence: Do the presentations for the proposed session sufficiently address related questions or issues, and do they contribute to a coherent panel?


We strongly encourage panels that promote audience engagement

through discussion of relevant, important, and critical topics!


Submitting a Panel Session proposal:

Panel proposals should be no longer than 4 pages in the extended abstract format and they should include:

  • The panel topic
  • When providing author information, indicate which of the panelists is the moderator by placing the word “Moderator” in parentheses after her/his name
  • The organizer(s) contact information and affiliations.
  • The panelists´ contact information, affiliations, presentation/paper titles and short abstracts (max 100 words per abstract) and a short biography (one paragraph in length) of each panelist describing their expertise
  • The relevance of the proposed Panel Session to SIETAR Europa Congress, and the significance of the related contributions (max 900 words)
  • A proposed time and topical structure and format of the panel, including how you intend to encourage interaction with the audience
  • Any technical requirements
  • A position statement by each panelist and an overview of the ways in which the position statements relate to each other.

The Panel Session proposal reviews are not blind. Criteria used in reviewing the proposals include the potential level of interest in the proposed topic, the presence of panel members with multiple perspectives on the topic, and the likelihood that the panel session will allow sufficient time for audience participation.

If the proposal is accepted, all the presenters listed in the proposal will be required to register for the conference and to participate in the session. Please note that presenting panelists are responsible for their own congress registration fee, travel, and accommodation costs.

When a panel submission is accepted, it is the panel organizer’s responsibility to receive confirmation of attendance from the panelists.

Additionally, there are going to be awards at the IACCM Academic Track – more information will follow soon!

Full paper submission:


Authors submitting academic papers and posters to the SIETAR Europa Congress are invited to submit an extended version of their paper for the online proceedings before the 15th of March 2019.  Submitting a full paper is not mandatory but is highly recommended. All presented papers will have an opportunity to be considered for one of the Special Journal Issues associated with The European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management (EJCCM), InderScience Publishers.

Please use the following full paper submission template, which you can download here:

Full papers should be written in English, and using the template provided. Do not include any additional headers and footers or use symbols, special characters in the paper title. Please note that no additional content editing will be allowed after submission has been completed. Please adhere to the following guidelines for IACCM academic track papers:

About the European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management (EJCCM): The European Journal of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management (EJCCM) Editor in Chief Prof. Fabrizio Maimone/Italy is an academic publication with strong ties to the International Association of Cross-Cultural Management and Competence. All information, including a detailed description of EJCCM’s scope, author guidelines and contact information can be found online at the journal´s website: InderScience Publishers.

EJCCM is indexed in:

If you have any questions regarding the academic track, please write to Marie-Therese Claes  (, Academic Track Chair.

Dates and deadline:

  • The main congress takes place between the 30th of May and 1st of June  2019.
  • Entries are welcome until the 15th of November 2018.
  • Notice of acceptance is given by the 10th of January 2018.