Film Festival: ‘Crossing borders’ by Arnd Wächter

Impressions from the 2017 SIETAR Europa Congress

Carla Cabrera Cuadrado on ‘Crossing borders‘ – Movie by Arnd Wächter on the impact of press and social media:

At the SIETAR Europa congress in Dublin, I volunteered as a venue assistant. Leading up to the event, I also took part in the Communication & PR Committee. Apart from our tasks, the volunteers were also able to attend some sessions of the congress. This year I attended some workshops, academic presentations, TED- style sessions and even some films. While in general I prefer to attend workshops, I was glad to have the opportunity to watch the film “Crossing borders.”

Arnd Wächter‘s film shows the experience of a young group from two very different countries: the United States and Morocco. Those from the US were spending time in Morocco. The movie gathers key reactions and conversations where cultural differences are most noticeable. Politics, religion, family and many other topics come into the dialogues, thus changing the mind for both groups. As prejudices and assumptions disappear, the participants begin to question the values and behaviors they took for granted.

They have an eye-opening experience as never before. Little do people realize how different and, at the same time, ignorant about cultures we are. There are thousands of traditions, beliefs or habits in the world that condition every action and every thought. So far they are not included in primary education.

What triggers the appearance of prejudices, intolerance and borders? What we should do is to learn to widen our mindsets and to cross those borders both physical and mental.

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