Keynote Speaker: Dr. Cathleen Bochmann

Researcher | TU Dresden

Cathleen studied political science, communication science and philosophy in Germany, the USA and Pakistan. In 2009 she started working at the political science department at TU Dresden, Germany.

Besides having the joy of teaching the next generation of students, she has been involved in several projects that study the resources for the construction of political order in a changing world. She earned her PhD in comparative politics on the topic of political stability.

Later she became the senior project manager of “Krisen-Dialog-Zukunft” (transl. “crisis-dialogue-future”) an interdisciplinary research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, which incorporates academic and practice partners.

Starting with the experience of “angry-citizen” protests in 2015 this project aims to develop innovative methods of political dialogue to transform conflicts into future solutions.

Title of the presentation: “Using dialogue in building social cohesion in times of crisis”