Marianne van Eldik Thieme

Manager of the Film Festival

Marianne van Eldik Thieme, SIETAR Europa Film Festival Coordinator since the congress in Sophia 2006. I am from the Netherlands, currently living in Amsterdam and Nigtevecht. I graduated in Human Geography, worked as high school teacher and later-on also as trainer/coach for more than 35 years. Since 1986 I have been a SIETAR Europa member and I have acted as board member in SIETAR Nederland and in SIETAR Europa. Although I have been working mainly in the Netherlands, the most exciting moments to work were in Yemen where I was invited to conduct a training on Educational Television for the national and local TV crews…. great experience. the contract with the recent disaster can’t bigger. My most relaxing moments are behind the glassblowing pipe, working with the glass makes me forget about the world around me.