Patricia Malidor Coleman

Advisor for the Buddy Connection Program Patricia Malidor Coleman, is a coach, trainer and international speaker specializing in International Business, Cross-Cultural consulting and Diversity training in the Travel Industry, International Education and Global Talent acquisition and Management. She is a dual citizen of the USA and Europe, born in France and lives in Florida, USA. […]

Ria Mukherjee

Member Intercultural and Language Faculty. Creating and conducting Business English and Intercultural communication courses in TCS. Designing language and culture courses, digitizing content, planning the curriculum based on business requirements. Also coordinating other language requirements (training/translation).

Georgiana Kivu

Executive for the Buddy Connection Program / Member I fell in love with intercultural studies during my BA. I got my degree in communication an PR with a thesis on intercultural workplaces, based on the experience I had as an intern in a multicultural company in Hamburg, Germany. Driven by passion for culture, organizations and […]

Agnès Domercq

Member Agnès has worked in the intercultural field for more than 15 years. She lived and worked successively in the United States, Spain, Mongolia, Brazil. Since 2017, she is back to Japan where she is delivering intercultural training and accompanying individuals.

Pascale Sztum

Finance and Budget Committee Member | Board member Raised in a bi-cultural family, educated in Belgium and in the United Kingdom, Pascale has worked in Spain, in France, in the United Kingdom, in the Netherlands, and in Belgium. She has been living and working in the Sudan, in Senegal, in Zambia, in Uganda, in Ethiopia, […]

Rossella Gramegna

Member An Interculturalist with experience of working and living in China, Iran, Germany and Spain. Bachelor in Comparative Languages and Cultures and Master of Business Administration, member of Young SIETAR and SIETAR España.