Workshop: New Horizons – At Home Together in Finland

Impressions from the 2017 SIETAR Europa Congress

Aude Wagemans on “New Horizons: At Home Together in Finland” workshop by Steve Crawford; Ronan Browne and Diane Ruppert:

Coming from a country that is becoming more and more diverse and that nowadays to take up challenges to manage them to live together and to build an intercultural population, I have always been interested in practices organised in other countries, how they manage to incorporate diverse populations and to get ideas about how to better integrate them in our society.

Diversophy® called as “the game of intercultural competence” has been created with immigrants to collect their own experiments in their country of immigration. It relates about what shocked/surprised them in their country of arrival and allow the others from a different background to reflect on various cultures while discovering other perspectives and differences. This really helps create bridges between both.

In that perspective, I really wanted to get ideas of an interactive tool that may allow integration in both ways (from the native’s view as for the foreigner) and in this workshop, I really found an interesting way to approach that aspect to build a more intercultural communication among the diverse communities.

Nowadays, there are only few countries but they are so willing to extend it that it might be an amazing tool adapt to every country both for schools and immigrants. Both for immigrants to understand which are the differences in their arrival countries than for natives to understand what could be the differences in their respective mindset. In summary, I really think it helps reduce the fear that can occur in different cultures, above all if used in a national base, among young and adults!

Thanks for this amazing workshop! Yes, it is always possible to strengthen and fasten co- operation, conflicts- and crises-resolution “in multicultural collaboration and living situations”.

Play it and you will be convinced!

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