SIETAR Europa Journals

  • SEU Journal March 2021
    In this issue, you will find: an interview with Svetlana Buko about the world of cross-border identity, a passionate article by Nguyen-Phuong-Mai on conspiracies, a discussion by Kirsten Wächter on white privilege […]
  • SEU Journal December 2020
    In this issue you will find: an interview with Joel Brown, an Afro-American and lawyer, who upon discovering SIETAR has become a  passionate interculturalist  a few teaching tips on how we can make our participants aware of our unconscious racial biases  a short history of SIETAR Europa which came into existence just as the Berlin Wall was falling in November, 1989 […]
  • SEU Journal September 2020
    In this issue you will find: an interview with Eithne Knappitisch, a native of Ireland who now lives in Austria and runs one of the most innovative intercultural management programs in Europe  how the Covid 19 crisis has radically changed our ways of intercultural trainings  a humorous look at the U.S. presidential election as viewed from a British perspective […]
  • SEU Journal June 2020
    In this issue you will find: an interview with Bastian Küntzel, who explains intercultural trainings in a highly non-conventional manner that touches on neurobiology and the creative potential of people  a series of articles on African cultures that highlight the extraordinary and colorful vitality of an emerging continent  three different essays on how the Covid-19 epidemic is affecting our intercultural relations and perspectives […]
  • SEU Journal March 2020
    In this issue you will find: an interview with Shannon Murphy Robinson, who passionately discusses the increasing importance of neuroscience in the intercultural field  articles on intercultural neuromarketing and digital game-learning and the way researchers are finding out new ways to enhance acceptance and learning  research carried by Christoph Barmayer and Sina Grosskopf on how biculturalism promotes creativity and innovation among entrepreneurs from migrant backgrounds […]
  • SEU Journal December 2019
    In the December 2019 – February 2020 issue of the Sietar Europa Journal, you will find: three articles about the Italian culture as seen and felt by different expatriates and how Italy has transformed their outlook in life; an interview with Tamara Thorpe, the newly elected President of SIETAR Europa. Her dynamic personality and perspective of the intercultural community provides for a very […]
  • SEU Journal September 2019
    In the September – November 2019 issue of the Sietar Europa Journal, you will find: a lively interview of Mithun Mridha, an outstanding character who is attempting to change lives by combining different facets of Indian philosophy and intercultural communication; a report about Ida Castiglioni’s work on how Italian homestead families are not interculturally prepared to receive […]
  • SEU Journal June 2019
    In the June – August 2019 issue of the Sietar Europa Journal, you will find: a fascinating look into the American mindset as well as that of Donald Trump as seen by Canadian physician and trauma expert Gabor Maté, who explains the intertwining dynamics of discontent and unconscious emotions; an interview of Eva Röttgers, an intercultural trainer and coach, who uses the Gestalt approach in […]
  • SEU Journal March 2019
    In the March – May 2019 issue of the SIETAR Europa Journal, you will find: an interview of Franck Scola, member of SIETAR France and a specialist of childhood bilingualism. He provides us with an absorbing overview on how identity and language acquisition in early life go hand-in-hand; how Canada has been attempting to create a unified, bilingual nation through early language training. The […]