The Intercultural Training Tool Kit

Activities for Developing Intercultural Competence for Virtual and Face-to-face Teams

At SIETAR we want to encourage the development and application of knowledge, values and skills which enable effective intercultural relations at individual, group, organisation and community levels. Inspired by many discussions in the SIETAR network, the idea of publishing a collection of SIETAR intercultural training tools came to light. Many large intercultural organizations include a collection of articles, activities, and materials, and our intention was to create a consolidated resource of SIETAR members´ favourite and most effective tools and methodologies.

We proudly present the second edition of the SIETAR Europa Intercultural book series: SIETAR Europa Intercultural Training Tools.

We learn best from what we teach! Every moment in a training setting is an opportunity for everyone in the room to reflect on and develop their own intercultural competencies. How we learn about navigating culture is shaped by our professions, travels, and personal interests. With this publication we want to support your learning environment by publishing selected go-to training activities from SIETARians for virtual or face-to-face teams that integrate modern technologies and emerging practice styles with materials and instructions.

The book includes 29 activities divided into three sections:

  • Opening and Warm-up Activities
  • Feedback & Debriefing Activities
  • Teambuilding Activities ,

Tool Kit Editors:  Elisabeth Hansen, Ann-Kristin Torkler, Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

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2nd Edition now available at

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