The Board is the strategy-setting group of SIETAR Europa and the decision-making body between annual general meetings.

The SIETAR Europa Board is composed of representatives of the existing national SIETAR organisations in Europe and representatives of the direct members of SIETAR Europa.

The SIETAR Europa Board is currently practicing a rotating presidency.

Calendar of upcoming Board meetings:

Board meeting 10th July 2017 Virtual via Zoom, 8:30-10:30 CET
Board meeting 18th September 2017 Virtual via Zoom, 18:00-20:00 CET
Board meeting 8th November 2017 Virtual via Zoom, 18:00-20:00 CET
Board meeting 7th December 2017 Virtual via Zoom, 18:00-20:00 CET
Board meeting 18th January 2018 Virtual via Zoom, 18:00-20:00 CET
Board meeting February 2018 Face-to-face


Please note, the SEU Board meets at least 6 times per calendar year, with one face to face meeting and other meetings held virtually. The dates of our remaining virtual meetings will be announced here in March.

The Board of SIETAR Europa seeks to provide good governance and leadership to the organisation, its members and National SIETARS. Therefore, the Minutes of our meetings are available to National SIETAR members in a spirit of openness and transparency allowing members the opportunity to review the purpose and work of this organisation. Please contact your national SIETAR representative to access the minutes.

In so doing, the Board wishes to demonstrate their adoption of the six core principles of good governance:
• Understanding their role
• Ensuring delivery of organisational purpose
• Working effectively both as individuals and as a team
• Exercising effective control
• Behaving with integrity
• Being open and accountable

Strategy Report: Feedback on the Vision 2025



Current board members


Pari Namazie has over 20 years working as an intercultural, HR and organisational development consultant to multinational and international companies. Pari has worked with all organisational levels from senior executives to project teams providing training solutions in intercultural competence, personal leadership, global team development, building trust and organisational commitment, values and strategies. Pari holds a PhD in International Human Resources Management (2007) from Middlesex Business School in London and a BA(Hons) in Business Studies from the same university. She has published academic articles and books chapters, lectures the Intercultural Communication on line module at the Free University Berlin and is a regular speaker at international conferences on HRM and intercultural competence. She was a keynote speaker at the Risk and Resilience, Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR) USA Conference in Denver in April 2011. She is current president of SIETAR Europa.



Linda Vignac is a Franco-American pedagogue, teacher trainer and facilitator, born in Portland, Oregon (USA). She has lived and worked in France for more than 30 years and has been creating dynamic training activities and programs to develop intercultural sensitivity and relations for over 26 years. She has learned from such experts as Margalit Cohen-Emerique and Jacques Demorgan in France and Milton Bennet, Dianne Hofner Saphiere and Thiagi in the United States at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication. Today, she creates and facilitates intercultural communication workshops and seminars in English and French not only for businesses from a wide variety of sectors but also for educational institutions. She is specialized in designing interactive games and activities and she regularly facilitates Teacher Training programs and workshops. She is the author of numerous articles and a book with Silvia Costanzo entitled: Galaxias interculturales: Mundos para amar (Santillana 2003). Currently Linda is President of and represents SIETAR France and is the current treasurer of SIETAR Europa.



Hanneke Brakenhoff is a senior lecturer of intercultural communication at the Hanze University for Applied Sciences in Groningen, the Netherlands, where she is training intercultural competencies to international students. Furthermore she is involved in international development projects funded by NUFFIC to support tertiary education in Ghana, Uganda and Mozambique. She represents represents SIETAR Netherlands.





Barbara Covarrubias Venegas is a researcher and lecturer based in Vienna. Furthermore, she is President & Research Contact Point of SIETAR Austria. Barbara worked and studied in Austria, Spain, Italy, Chile and Mexico and specialized in research, trainings and coachings in the international context: e.g. expatriations, cultural intelligence trainings, on-boarding workshops for expatriates. Barbara represents SIETAR Austria. Connect with Barbara on: Linkedin / Xing / Twitter



Maura Di Mauro is a freelance intercultural trainer, coach and consultant. She is based in Milan (Italy) and she works in Italian, English and Spanish, in Italy and abroad. She collaborates with different kinds of organizations of the public, private, and no profit sector, such as with some consulting societies. She is specialized in the analysis of training needs, in designing and conducting training programs aimed at the development of intercultural communication, diversity management and self-leadership skills, such as in competence assessment and development. She is author of the book “Organizazioni e differenze. Pratiche, strumenti e percorsi formativi” (Organization and differences. Practices, tools and training programs”), edited in 2010 in Italian by Franco Angeli; she also wrote several articles on the topics of diversity management, intercultural communication and methodologies for intercultural training. She represents SIETAR Italia.


Joyce Jenkins Joyce Jenkins has over 30 years’ experience providing intercultural training, consultancy and coaching for a range of companies and organisations including global corporations, government, educational and non-profit organisations across Asia, Europe and the U.S. In addition to growing up in South East Asia, and having worked and lived in the Asia-Pacific region for over 20 years, Joyce has studied Asian culture and speaks Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and Thai. She has an MA in Chinese and Japanese studies from the University of Edinburgh, and is currently studying for an MA/PhD in Intercultural Communication for Business Purposes at Birkbeck, University of London.
Joyce is President of SIETAR UK, having previously headed its Professional Development Committee. She is also a member of the SIETAR Singapore group. She represents SIETAR UK.


Pascale SZTUM Pascale Sztum is an intercultural services provider who has over 20 years field experience in working with businesses and organizations across five continents. A social scientist with a diploma in international relations (University of Brussels-ULB), and with a M.B.A (Durham University, UK), Pascale provides management consulting services, research and cross-cultural training to senior executives, HR personnel, key decision makers in sales, marketing, project, logistic, procurement, quality control and R&D departments. She also works with change leaders and team involved in merger and acquisitions. Pascale has authored several papers published in both academic and professional journals. She delivers her services in various European countries and works in English and in French. On the SIETAR Europa Board, Pascale represents the SIETAR Europa Direct Members.


  Anna Zelno, representing SIETAR Spain
  Jeri Weber, representing SIETAR Deutschland
  Mik Kuczkiewicz, representing SIETAR Poland
  Tamara Thorpe, representing SIETAR Ireland