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Mik Kuczkiewicz
Board, Representing SIETAR Poland

Born as a Brit in Africa, raised in Belgium and the UK by Polish parents [WW II refugees], has by personal choice decided to re-emigrate (so to speak) to Poland more than 20 years ago. Has a Master in Law and a Business Post Graduate from prestigious Belgian universities - worked for more than 10 years in Insurance Services, including underwriting in Lloyds (London), managing insurance business in a European HQ (Brussels), and serving as Director of a large Insurance Cy (Brussels). Decided then to re-orient his career to operate in leading Management Consulting firms (30+ years) - has set up and served as Managing Partner of the Polish arm of a leading international HR Consulting firm [HayGroup / 1996-2012] His consultancy experience ranges from Strategy implementation and Leadership Development, to Executive Coaching and Intercultural Consulting, and has worked for some of the largest Western European and CEE corporations. Based in Warsaw (Poland) shares his time today between Consulting & Executive Coaching, Teaching & Lecturing [MBA progr.], travelling across the world, supporting promising start-ups, serving on a number of Boards [mainly Non-profit sector], is regularly engaged in Social work, and actively helps his son in developing his business. Besides Polish, speaks fluently English, Dutch and French, and can go by in another 2-3 languages. Feels his area of contribution to both Sietar PL as well as SEU is his knowledge of the business environment by and large, and his experience in managing complex organisations. Participating in the 2017 SEU Dublin Congress, gave him for the first time in his life, the feeling he was a ‘normal’ person among other similarly normal, because largely very cosmopolitan people 😊 



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