Jeri Weber profile
Jeri Weber
Board, Representing SIETAR Deutschland

Jeri Weber is a US educated lawyer, trainer, moderator and lecturer based in Frankfurt, Germany. She spent the first 18 years of life viewing the world through the US perspective. Longer periods living in Indonesia, China, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany broadened her view. She trains legal professionals on intercultural competencies, moderates team building processes and consults on intercultural issues. She has lectured US law at Goethe University in Frankfurt and currently leads the development and training programs at the R & D center for an international automobile manufacturer. 

Current location:  
Frankfurt, Germany

Spoken Languages:
English (fluent), German (fluent), French (proficient), Dutch (proficient), Bahasa Indonesia (conversant)

Areas of specialty:  
Law and culture, global teams, communication

What has been your biggest achievement?
Starting a new career later in life

Why are you a board member of Sietar Europa?  
She is the Vice President of SIETAR Deutschland and in that capacity represents SIETAR Deutschland on the SIETAR Europa Board. She loves working with people from around the world!


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