Dimitris Polychronopoulos profile
Dimitris Polychronopoulos

Treasurer, SIETAR Europa
Board, Representing SIETAR Europa Direct Members


Dimitris Polychronopoulos is a multilingual professional in innovation, entrepreneurship, and the intercultural space, with an MBA from Norwegian Business School in Oslo and a Master of International Studies from UP Diliman. Dimitris is currently working on the Diversophy Norway edition and is in the process of setting up the Oslo chapter of the Silicon Valley startup accelerator Founder Institute. He is a founding member of The Institute of Human Conductivity where he engages in issues of sustainability, governance, accountability and transparency at the local and global level.

Current location:
Oslo, Norway

Spoken languages:
English, Greek, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Dutch

Professional activities:
Project Management, Event Management, Intercultural Facilitation

Area of speciality:

What has been your biggest achievement?
Living in seven different countries, travelling to more than 100 countries and visiting all seven continents while absorbing different cultures and languages.

Why are you a board member of Sietar Europa?
To build greater cross-cultural awareness and understanding.


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