Agnieszka Kotucz profile
Agnieszka Kotucz
Member, Virtual Events Team
Agnieszka ic a development Designer and Facilitator. She graduated from Jagiellonian University (Applied psychology). She finished School for Management Trainers by Matrik – Management Trainer Organization, Advanced School for Trainers by Pracownia Psychologiczna Elżbiety Sołtys and Intercultural Trainer Program by Wszechnica UJ. She develops her professional skills by participating in various trainings (Making the Difference. Understanding how groups and organizations work by Opus, Intercultural Competence Training for Trainers by SIETAR Polska). She cooperates with training & consulting companies on lifelong learning projects. She writes articles for Know How magazine. She is a member of SIETAR (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research). Since 2004 she’s been delivering development programs (trainings, facilitation sessions, development centers) for managers, specialist & trainers. Her fields of interest are: diversity management especially cultural one, leader’s role, training and development programs design, group work facilitation and business presentation.

Current location:
Poland Kraków

Spoken languages:
Polish, English

Professional activities:
Facilitation, trainings, development program design

Areas of speciality:
development program design, team management

What has it been your biggest achievement?
Managing to keep professional career and being a mom of two😊

Why are you a member of Sietar Europa?
Cause it’s a constant adventure, learning, huge privilege and a chance to work in extremely diverse yet so much fun environment.